As you have probably already noticed, if I can, I prefer to do all the procedures myself. Firstly, because I trust only myself in terms of my face, and secondly, because it is simply profitable in the world. When over a year ago I heard about the great effects of derma roller, I immediately knew that I had to have it! I have shown you this little torture tool several times and for each of them you asked me about the effects of using derma roller. With the answer to this question, I waited a long time to make the result as reliable as possible. Today, I invite you to a post about derma roller treatments at home, i.e. microneedle mesotherapy. I will tell you such questions as: what is the price of derma roller, how often do you use derma roller, what are its effects and how to prepare a derma roller for treatment.


Derma roller at home - how to use

Schools for using derma roller are different. I know people who perform procedures even every day, but for me it is completely crazy. The skin after the treatment is more sensitive for a few days, tense, may be slightly red and according to many doctors, the best frequency is one treatment for 2-3 weeks or even one month, because then we allow the skin to fully heal and carry out repair processes in full . The derma roller cannot be used constantly, you should perform a series of several treatments and then take a break of several months. We make a roller with a maximum of ten to fifteen moves in one place, where they should be up, down and sideways, diagonally, in all directions. We perform the treatment with the right pressure, but balanced. We should not feel severe pain or see blood at the needle length of 0.5 mm. Of course, we avoid the birthmarks. Derma roller can be used under the eyes, although in my opinion the length of 0.5 is not the most suitable for this purpose. Immediately after the treatment, the skin is very red, irritated, and makeup and traditional cosmetics should be avoided for a minimum of 12 hours.

Derma roller - effects

You can expect the first visible effects of derma roller after the second, third treatment. As the first one you can notice the increased elasticity of the skin, improving its blood supply and tone. Along with subsequent treatments, derma roller visibly reduces wrinkles and thickens the skin, which is a huge plus for me, because my skin before the derma roller treatments was quite thin. In my case, the roll also worked very well on small mimic wrinkles, which it eliminated to zero. For my mother, the effect is significantly reduced wrinkles and improved skin firmness. Derma roller is also a great way for acne scars and discoloration, because here it works even brilliantly, but you need to do a minimum of 10 treatments.

Necessary disinfection and what under the roll

Disinfection with derma roller is the basis. It's fun, because you can get in big trouble. Before and after each treatment, we always disinfect the roller and hands. I personally soak the roll in water at a temperature of about 80 degrees and then spray it properly with Octenisept (to get here). With the help of a roller, we violate the skin's continuity, so cleanliness is paramount here. You should also be careful what we use during the treatments and immediately after them. Personally, I am a fan of rolling onto dry skin and then patting in the appropriate preparation, i.e. an ampoule specially designed for this purpose or purified collagen or hyaluronic acid. All drugstore creams and cheese not intended for that are eliminated!